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Run For The White House®

By Owning The Rare 1984 Numbered

 Memorabilia Collector's Limited Edition

Board Game

White House

Experience again the era of President Reagan by owning a rare piece of American History.  See America again as the "Shining City Upon A Hill" with this by partisan era board game. The game was "Made in America" for the  first time during the middle of the Reagan Presidency.

Front Run For The White House Box

Run For The White House® was first sold at the Democratic and Republican National Conventions in San Francisco and Dallas in the year 1984


The Most Exciting Race You'll Ever Run!




Your destination is 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Your destiny is to occupy the White House located on this street.  Your country is now calling you.  It is you duty to answer this call.  The call has come that will take you on a campaign trail to the presidency.  It is your time to enter the most exciting race you'll ever run!  It's your time to RUN FOR THE WHITE HOUSE®.




RUN FOR THE WHITE HOUSE® is an exciting and entertaining game for two to six players in which the players not only have fun but learn about national politics, the electoral college, the states and their capitals, locations, the dates they were admitted to the union, the states' slogans or so called nicknames and states' abbreviations as used by the United States Post





The object of the game is to elect one person President of the United States by campaigning in the various states and winning 270 or more electoral votes.  Through the use of trivia questions on the Presidential Seal Cards, the game also tests your knowledge of obscure facts about some of the most powerful men of history - the men who have walked through the doors of the White House.




As you play this board game you will gain a better understanding and appreciation of the skill, strategy, intelligence and luck involved when a candidate chooses to RUN FOR THE WHITE HOUSE®.  The game is based upon true to life situations that a person may encounter during the race when they choose to seek the most powerful office in our land.  By playing RUN FOR THE WHITE HOUSE®, you will be given the chance to become one of the chosen few.  Many are called, but few are chosen!  Now is you time to find out - that's why I want YOU to RUN FOR THE WHITE HOUSE®!




P.S.  Air Force One has priority clearance and is now waiting for you to finish the race.

 Run For The White House® is registered trademark of STE, Inc. ©1984-2023 Run For The White House® - All rights reserved.

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