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Run For The White House Board Game

Why lease or own the rights to Run For The White House®?  The game, Run For The White House® would make an excellent fund raiser for anyone who wishes to run for the presidency of the United States. Exclusive deals may be obtained for the right candidate.  The games, Run For The White House® could be signed by the candidate and auction to raise funds for the political race.  Run For The White House® could also be used every 4 years as a game customers play to win prizes such as in the fast food industry or some other business. The good part is that the game is always renewing itself every 4 years for new presidential election cycle.

Run For The White House®  trademark  is available  for lease.  The minimum time of lease is 1 year at $12,000.00 per year plus $.07 for each use of the Run For The White House® trademark.

The entire rights to the game including all copyrights and the trademark Run For The White House® with the domain names Run For The White House®.com and Run For The White House® are available for purchase for $1,500,000.00.  The only exception to the entire rights is that the buyer must agree not to ever produce any more of the original 1984 numbered collectors edition Run For The White House® games, because the production of any more of the 1984 edition would devalue the numbered year 1984 collector's editions already sold and breach the promise made by the company to only (ever) produce 1,000 copies of the original 1984 numbered edition.  The buyer of the Run For The White House® copyrights and trademark can revise and produce as many of the 2016 and beyond editions as they wish.




Run For The White House®


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November 5, 2024